Thursday, June 11, 2015

Goodbye Ohio

Over the past few weeks, the desire to finish one of my "bigger" set builds has intensified.  With money tighter than normal, the choice between chasing the more valuable cards to finish the '64 Topps set versus obtaining the remaining cards to finish off my serial numbered insanity set became much clearer.

The ability to purchase serial numbered cards off of at a reasonable price won out, and so over the past couple of weeks I've placed two small orders on the site.  In addition to about a dozen cards for my 3 player PCs, I started knocking off some teams from the SNI set, which is making the task a little less daunting, at least in my eyes.

I decided for today's post to say goodbye to the Ohio based teams.   I only needed a handful of cards to finish off both teams, which made scanning the cards all that much easier.

In trying to complete the set, I've been trying to purchase cards from various sets to enjoy a little more variety.  Picking up a lot of Triple Threads cards had made the process somewhat stale, so finding a David Ross from 2007 Topps helped. 

I only needed two cards to complete the Indians portion of the set.  The Casey Kotchman was one of the lowest serial numbers that I still needed, #395.  Most of my focus on buying these cards has been on parallels with larger print runs, such as the gold parallels of Lou Manson on the right, but with only a few serial numbers left that are below 500, I was able to grab a Bowman blue parallel for some more variety.  I will probably do the same thing for the final 3 serial numbers below 500.

With the Indians and Reds complete, I now have over half the teams finished, 16 to be exact.  The Braves only need one more card, while the remainder of the teams have anywhere between 5 and 10 cards left.

Even better than all I've said so far is the fact that I only need 100 cards to finish the set.  I bet you thought this might go on forever....

So did I.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. My son has never known a world that did not have the SNI set as part of it. :-)