Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That Dennis is no menace

Before I start gabbing away here, do Chris at the Nachos Grande blog a favor and check out his latest group break.  Yes, I know it's Christmas and funds might be a little tight, but you probably still haven't bought yourself something yet.   Am I right???

There's still quite a few teams that haven't been picked up yet, so go take a look.

Now, back to your not so regularly scheduled post.

I've made quite a few trades over my time as a blogger.  I can easily say that one of my favorite trading partners is Dennis at the Too Many Verlanders blog.  What I really like about Dennis' blogs is that there's no mincing words.   He'll tell you what he likes, especially if it revolves around Detroit or Michigan sports.  The Verlander SP card that he shows off on this post harkens back to the Sandy Koufax photo with the 4 baseballs with zeroes on them representing his 4 no hitters.   Very cool...

With Dennis, the word "trade" is accurate, but also very loosely defined.

This time around, Dennis had hit me up with a PWE a few weeks ago, and I decided to hit him up with a decent envelope.   In return, Dennis decided to take some of his COMC budget and spend it on my SNI project.  His goal?
Eliminate the low numbers....

Consider the low numbers GONE!!

The J.J. Hardy is serial numbered 41, which finishes off everything 100 and below.   The Jones and McCovey cards are numbered 248 & 259; the two of them finished off the 200 series.

What does that mean?   If you happen to have, or pull, something serial numbered 301 and below, I don't need it!

The want list is getting smaller very quickly, as my project only needs 209 more to hit the magic 1500 mark.

Dennis, thank you very much for contributing again to the SNI project.  It is really appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Dennis is one of my favorites to trade with as well. He always sends great stuff.

  2. And I would have completed three MORE pages if I'd gotten those to you sooner! Happy to help as always.