Monday, July 21, 2014

It really is a GREAT problem to have

I had it all planned out.  Start thinning the three row shoe box piece by piece.   Putting together pages of Blue Jays with common themes, and show them off to the blogosphere.

The dry July would just fly by quickly, and the piles of cards would slowly get worked through.  Marked off the want list.  Entered into the Blue Jays spreadsheet.

It actually started off quite well.  I managed a to show off a couple of pages in between the Friday/Saturday tournament posts, and I thought I was starting to get a handle on things.

In the vernacular of today's acronym laced generation, I just LOLOLOLOL now.  Great men of the blogosphere, named Brian, Matt, Tom and Wes have added 4 packages of Blue Jays goodness (of varying amounts, I might add) to the pile, and brought a screeching halt to any progress I made over the past couple of weeks.

While perusing the great package I received today from blogger extraordinaire Wes from the Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog, I noticed the following.

Serial numbered parallel.  Jersey card.  Bat card.  Auto.  Auto.  Jersey card.  2 more serial numbered parallels.  Gold.  Green.  Silver.  Holy shit!!

I showed my better half of the cards, and explained that I wasn't even expecting this envelope today.  What does she do?  Naturally, she provides an epiphany.

"You really aren't paying for these cards, right?"  This statement made me think (she's good at that).  I've now entered over 4400 cards onto my Blue Jays spreadsheet, passing that mark largely because of the envelope that Tom sent me ( I owe you still Tom, I need to augment what I already have for you...), and thought to myself that I probably have received all but 10% of those cards from everyone out in the blogosphere. 

That's almost unbelievable.   But it is a GREAT problem to have. 

These two pages of 1991 and 1992 Upper Deck that I was able to pull out of the box only manage to put a meager dent into the "problem".

The '92 page is more interesting for me.  It made me remember that Jack Morris was a 21 game winner that year.  It made me laugh that Cory Snyder got a Blue Jays card even though he only had 49 ABs with the club, hitting a paltry .143.  Dave Parker had fewer ABs than Snyder (36) as a Jay, but also managed his final "sunset" card in 1992.  1992 was also the final season of Pat Tabler's career, but at least he managed to get a ring out of the deal.

15 out of the 18 cards here came out of the box (the other 3 were in a pile on the desk), bringing the total to 58 cards out of the box.  The problem is that I now have about 300 more that need cataloged, sorted, and put into the box for "posting".

Yes indeed, a GREAT problem to have.  Stay tuned...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Ah yes, Wes shared the wealth with me recently too...even with my blogging inactivity! I love looking at those early 90's Upper Deck cards. Those were fun times to be collecting.

    1. Fun times indeed. I have a binder dedicated to my 1989-1994 Upper Deck Blue Jays team sets that I look at often. It takes me back to simpler times.

  2. Glad to help contribute to your problem. Made my problem a fraction less.