Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I was surprised that I didn't have these cards

Taking time out from his married life, Gavin from the Baseball Card Breakdown blog was kind enough to search through the massive wilderness that is my Blue Jays want list, and sent me a few cards that I was surprised I didn't own.

Let's start with a couple of more recent Jays...

Rajai Davis had a decent run in Toronto during his 3 seasons there, 125 steals worth of running to be exact.  Reed Johnson was a player I would have like to have still in Toronto, as he's a pretty solid 4th outfielder.  Reed should record his 1000th career hit sometime in the not too distant future (he only needs 5 more).  I actually thought I already had Johnson's 2007 Topps card....guess not.

I don't recommend throwing baseballs, or doing a lot of other things from the position that A.J. Burnett is showing here on this 2007 UD series 2 card.  A.J. made his return to Pittsburgh last Sunday, and received a nice ovation from the fans, as well as a tribute on the scoreboard from the club.  A.J. showed his class and tipped his cap to the fans, as well as the Pirates dugout afterwards.

I looked at these two cards and thought to myself "yea, I already have them".   I check the list and find that they're still on there.  I also still need multiple cards from both '89 and '90 Donruss to complete the Jays team set.   What gives here?

Again, two more cards that I instantly thought I already had.  It turns out that these two cards are the final two I needed to complete the 1991 Topps Traded Jays set.  I guess looks can be deceiving.

Finally, I know that this card was not on any of my want lists, but to me it's pretty cool and I'm glad I now own it...

1995 Pacific Jays team logo card.  Love it.  I almost became obnoxious and turned the background of the blog into a picture of this card.   Almost....

Gavin, thank you for the great lot of cards, and reminding me that there is still a lot of uncharted territory that is the Blue Jays.   Congratulations on the wedding as well!!

By the way, there is still time to vote (if you haven't already) on this week's blowout match between 1960 Topps and 1979 Topps.  You might just learn a little something about a department store that sounds like a car!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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