Wednesday, July 30, 2014

By the page: Shawn Green

Another player who didn't spend long enough in a Blue Jays uniform in my opinion.  This guy was a great talent who unfortunately wanted out of Toronto to be closer to his family.

I guess I can understand that.

I have enough cards for at least two pages of Shawn Green cards; welcome to the world of the mid 90's!!  Plenty of choices and inserts to satisfy everyone's pallet.

Top line:  Trying to be fancy

The Crown Royale card in the center is fabulous.  It looks a lot better in hand than it does on a scan.  I hadn't seen a green Record Breakers insert card until I received this one a while back from a fellow collector.  The Skybox Metal card just didn't scan very well, and looks kind of bland here.

Middle row: Chrome & shiny 

These three cards just seemed to fit together.  Ultimate Victory you could probably classify as an oxymoron; I'm not sure why UD took a base product like Victory and tried to jazz it up with foil.  I guess when you end up with a license to print money like companies had back then, you'll do anything to make a buck.

Bottom row:  Nothing but base

I'm going to have to take a look at the Shawn Green cards I have, because it seems that the common thread for each of them is Green hitting.  Yes, he was a solid hitter during his time in the bigs, but he also was a pretty good fielder as well, ranking in the top 5 in outfield assists 5 different times, as well as having a 1.000% fielding percentage in 2005.

Maybe I just need to look harder for cards featuring him fielding...

Here's the final result.

Not too bad, a little bit dark on the top and middle right but overall a pretty decent looking page.  This page brings the total # of cards out of the box to 85.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to speed this process up a little....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Sweet cards. Green was once my favorite player, and the reason why I got into baseball. Surprisingly, I had not seen the first three cards you showed off until this post.