Monday, July 14, 2014

By the page: 1992 Fleer

This mission I'm on to start getting my Jays collection into pages is actually becoming quite beneficial.  Going through the cards is giving me ideas on how I would actually like to store them.  It's also providing ideas for posts as well.

Don't hate me because you may experience Blue Jays overload here on the blog.  You may or may not remember that the Jays have been a large focus of my posts over the 3 years that I've stumbled around trying to collect cards that fit into my "taste".

Yesterday's post featured a set from the overproduction era.  So does today's post.  I promise that this series will not be all about cards from the late 80's/early 90's.

I also am going to get a player page binder started as well.   I'm going to try and feature as many Blue Jays as I can fill a page for.  Some of the more "important" players are going to have multiple pages (as you can imagine), and will have several posts as well.

The end goal here is to empty the box.  9 cards (or more) at a time.  The fun part is going to be to try and keep the box emptied, because everyone out there is sending me Jays to add to the collection.

OK, enough of that...let's start emptying.  Here's 23 cards from 1992 for your viewing pleasure:

I found 23 of the 25 cards for the '92 Fleer set all in one area of the box, so in the pages they go.

That brings the total cards out of the box to 32 in 2 days.   Best I've done in a while, but now that I've got a goal and a method to get the cards out of the box (posting), maybe I'll make some headway.  [EDIT:  I found the other 2 cards wandering loose in the box, so the total is up to 34 cards]

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. No apologies necessary! I like the theme you got going on here. I'm kinda in the same place with my Mets collection -- stored in a bunch of boxes, just waiting to be properly displayed. Maybe you'll inspire me to get my duff in gear. Also, I like to see team sets (even those from the overproduction era) on display! Carry on!

  2. Yep, I agree with Mark. I love seeing the posts of team sets. I will however, admit that the mere mention of that box emptying is like an open invitation to pepper you with another stack of Jays cards ;)