Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4 lines of 3

I have plenty of material for posts over the next while.  What with the 21 count of serial numbered cards from Max that I started showing off last night, combined with the myriad of Blue Jays cards that I'm attempting to put into pages and get into binders, there are plenty of posts at my disposal.  Tonight, instead of creating two posts, I decided to find out what happens when you decide to combine two posts into one.

I decided to use Jose Bautista as the Blue Jay player to feature in a page today.

Top line:

It's kind of plain, and doesn't feature much of Jose's face, but the 2011 Bowman card on the left has kind of become one of my favorites of Jose, because it features a photo of him wearing #23, instead of the usual #19 that he wears. 

Middle line:

I decided to put 3 inserts in the middle row, using the horizontal Then and Now card as the middle.  Don't ask me why, I just thought it looked good in the center.  Doesn't hurt that Harmon Killebrew is there as well.   This row also made me think a bit; it made me realize that with the newer sets/players, I'll have a much easier time creating player pages with the amount of parallels that are available. 

Bottom line:

Parallel city down here.  The light blue All star jerseys really fit well with the blue bordered Wal Mart parallel.  The more I see cards like the 2011 Topps Chrome in the center, the more I'm glad that the Jays went back to the old style logo and numbering on their jerseys.  The classics really do never die.

Here's what you get when you put them all together.

A pretty good looking page if you ask me.  I still have plenty of cards for player pages to use, so I'll have lots of practice putting these together.

I still have the serial numbered cards to show off:

For tonight's post I pulled together a threesome of 2012 Topps parallels.  Let's make this quick and easy:

  • Gerald Laird is serial #'d 740, and is the 31st Tiger out of 50 for the set
  • Jose Tabata is serial #'d 863, and is the 35th Pirate towards the 50 needed.
  • Fernando Rodney is serial #'d 917, and is the 44th TB Ray card in the set. 
To sum up:

The Bautista page means I have pulled 67 cards from "the box" and put them into pages.  The trio of insanity cards brings the total to 1144, leaving 356 serial numbers still remaining.  That number will decrease with the rest of Max's great contribution still to be posted.

If you haven't voted on the final round of 16 match featuring a great battle between '63 & '72 Topps, click on this link to make your voice heard.  It's a close race, only 2 votes separating these two!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Love seeing all the Bautista's. He is one of my favorites to watch.

  2. Nice Bautista page! The top row makes the entire page, IMO.

    I'm wondering if you have rhyme/reason when putting together your player pages? I've tried to randomly do this in the past only to find that I subconsciously left all the less attractive cards for last thus making a page that I wasn't crazy about...

  3. Mark, as of yet, there is no real rhyme or reason to my player page building.

    Right now I have piles of cards for different players, and all I do with each pile is grab 9 cards that "jump out" at me, then build the 3 rows.

    I think it's going to be more interesting for me as I go through all the players that I want to create pages for (Alomar, Carter, Clemens, Shawn Green to name a few), because some of the older players will not have as many inserts/parallels to choose from.

    Great question though! Made me think...

    1. Thanks for the response, Robert! Looking forward to future posts...both for entertainment and inspiration!