Sunday, June 22, 2014

Speeding up the process

I've learned a lot in the nearly 3 years that I've been writing this mess I call a blog.  I know now that it is a lot of hard work keeping up with everyone, and everything blog related on a daily basis.  For those of you out there that are able to do this, I tip my cap to you.

I've learned that blogger generosity is a great thing.  I've also learned that this generosity extends to others that don't write, but follow along with those of us who try to entertain them with witty banter and pictures of men on cardboard (both old and young).

The biggest thing I've learned, in my opinion, is that there are a lot of resources for card crazy addicts like myself to work on their collections.  Ebay has long been a source for me, along with card shops and shows that offer a lot of different pieces of cardboard that I normally would never see. 

When I set my goals at the beginning of 2014, I didn't even think about how I was going to increase my PCs of Jim Thome and Joe Sakic.  I set goals that I believed I would accomplish by hitting card shows and trading with other collectors.   I never even thought about searching these specific players on sites like Sportlots to speed up the process.

The light bulb came on recently, and I've actually hit the 200 card mark for my Jim Thome PC a lot faster than I ever would have believed.

It almost seems like cheating for me.  I'm so used to building things slowly, sometimes taking up to a decade to complete a set, that having this goal of 200 cards for the Thome collection completed before the end of June is a little mind boggling for me. 

I heard somewhere earlier today on one of the sports broadcasts that I watched that we are in the age of instant gratification.  A true statement if I've ever heard one.  Maybe my problem is that I'm still stuck in the 80's, a time where things took a little bit longer to get accomplished.

Maybe speeding up the process of completing sets and tasks is a good thing for me.  I'm sure it'll be even better when my brain starts thinking like someone who is living in the 21st century.

If anyone knows of a way to speed up that process...just let me know....

thanks for reading, Robert

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