Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seeing double

Taking an extra opportunity to go through the latest envelope I received from reader JT Steele, I came across a  couple of pairs of cards that made stop and do a double take.

Let's start with one of the best hitters of our generation, Paul Molitor.

On the left, 95 Bazooka card #102.   Needed it.  On the right, a red tinted parallel that I had no idea about.   I wasn't even aware that Bazooka did parallels.  Sure enough, on the right is the Red Hot insert card, #RH-19.  Need that one also.  There are two Blue Jays in the Red Hot insert set, with Roberto Alomar being the other.  Yes, I need the Alomar...

Chalk up another learning experience for me.

Next up, Alex Gonzalez.

First, let me just say that I'm glad to see how well the card on the right scanned, because I wanted the logo to stand out.   Perfect.

Now I see that both cards are from the 94 Bowman set, and when I see foil on one of the cards I immediately jump to the conclusion that the card on the right is some kind of parallel.

Wrong.  It's another part of the base set.  I had forgotten that Bowman in the early 90's was famous for including foil backed cards as part of the base set.   No matter, I needed them both and was able to knock two more cards off of the giant want list. 

The mid 90's consists of a lot of holes in my collecting knowledge (not that I'm any savant to begin with).   What's cool is packages like this from JT help me fill in some of the gaps.

It's too bad that my collecting knowledge has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I didn't know Bazooka had parallels either, and I think I even have one of those. Me not paying attention again.

  2. Again, glad I can help.. There were a ton of early 90s oddball stuff most people have long forgotten about.. I had a huge misfortune in the early 2000s where I had a lot of my collection stolen from a storage unit, but i am glad I didnt completely give up on the hobby.. Ill have more cards on the way when i get a chance..