Friday, June 27, 2014

A shocker

This goes to show how much I truly know about cards (and people).   I honestly thought that this match would go to '62 fairly easily, with a few people voting for the '67 set.

The '67 set grabbed 9 of the first 11 votes, and wins the match comfortably by a 16-9 margin.  That means that the '62 set, which I initially had thought would probably get as far as the semi-finals in this tournament, falls early.  As you hear a lot on TV, "that's why they play the games".

The '62 would have been a bit of a killer to finish monetarily, even though I already have a head start with a quarter of the set in my possession.

'67 takes home the second highest vote total so far, again a surprise for me. 

I do appreciate the fact that the tournament received the highest number of votes in a week (25), thank you to all who voted!!

Tomorrow starts off another great match, as '76 Topps battles '70 Topps.  I have a feeling on which set will win, but then again I thought '62 would have no problem defeating '67.

thanks for reading, and keep on voting!!   Robert

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