Monday, June 9, 2014

A productive Sunday

My wife and I have developed a Sunday routine that I really enjoy.   Do as little as possible.   Saturday's are spent running errands, such as going to the post office to get packages in the mail (!), groceries, lawn cutting, etc.

Sunday mornings have become time for me to catch up on some blog reading, and writing as needed.  Yesterday I decided to take a different route.  I had a big block of vintage cards that I had purchased last month still sitting on my desk, being used on a weekly basis to get the weekly tournament posts started.

Yesterday I finally started the long overdue exercise of starting checklists for each of the Topps sets between 1959 and 1969.  I had bits and pieces from all those years that I had purchased over the past couple of years, which only amounted to a handful of cards from each of the various sets.   Now I have checklists for every set that I have a portion of, 1959 through 1976.   Some have as few as 10 cards checked off, others have half the set put away.  Over time I'll get to each and every one of these, and I'll enjoy every minute of putting these sets together.

I also took the time (finally) to go through the large '71 Topps lot that I purchased a few months back, and dutifully went through each card and decided if they would be worthy of being part of a complete set.  The final tally wasn't too high.  54 cards total made the cut.

These cards have more creases than all the pairs of pants in my closet.  It kind of looks as if someone drew an extra mouth on Bill Mazeroski's card.  Tim McCarver may have been folded in 4 parts at one time.

Believe it or not, these two cards aren't poor scan jobs.  They represent a couple of horribly miscut cards.  Other than the miscuts, their condition isn't all that bad really.

The top row sees 3 more ink victims, including Tom Haller who is now a member of the "Tigeks". 
Even the great card of Lindy McDaniel succumbed to the crease monster that was prevalent in a lot of these cards.

In the end, there's 174 cards in varying conditions that need a home.   If anyone is interested in all or part of these beauties, just drop me a line.  Just because they don't fit into what I'm doing, doesn't mean that someone else might get a kick out of owning these. 

All in all, it was a productive Sunday for getting my collection a little more organized, even at the expense of not writing a post. 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Yeah, I try to do the same thing on Sundays. Saturdays are a little on the busy/hectic side, but being able to relax for a day is so worth it.

  2. Must. Have. Glorious. Off-Center. Cards.

  3. I still cringe every time I see writing on cards. Even as a kid, I could never bring myself to do that.

  4. Man, it's tempting to get a rough starter lot for 71. I can see myself wanting to go after that set a little ways down the line. Please feel free to dump them on me if no one makes a more-impassioned plea.

  5. I try to organize for at least an hour on Sundays. It is a never ending battle but at least it is enough to get stuff on tables and keep the wife happy.

  6. Just completed the 71 set. The R. Allen is a tough one .

  7. If you are so inclined, I would love to get the 71 cards even in the rough shape that they are in. This was the first set that I started collecting. I do not remember getting the cards, I was only 5 at the time, but they were always my favorites as I was growing up. I have recently started to add to my collection, and currently have about 270 cards from the 71 set. Most of my cards from the 70's are in rough shape because I spent a lot of time playing, sorting and looking at them. Many times the cards went into a pocket as I rode my bike to a friends to trade cards, so the condition is not a factor to me. If I can only get some Tigers that would be awsome. I am slowly putting the team set together and need cards 120,133,180,208,599,629,669,695,708,732,and 749. If you cant get me the cards, that is great as well. Your offer is kind and generous, and someone deserving will receive them.