Wednesday, January 8, 2014

If it's scans you want

It's scans you'll get.  Last night I showed off the '68 Topps card lot I picked up from the show.  Today's lot is even better.

Another great lot of cards from the same dealer, my vintage guy Ray.  For $15, he had a 100 count lot of cards.

I had 17 of them already, and yes there were some condition issues, which is a common theme with the '62 set.  But I love these cards, and similar to the '68 lot, I couldn't leave these at the show at the price they were being offered.

Are you ready for scans?

You might recognize ball player turned scout/manager Steve Boros at the upper left of the 2nd scan.  I took a quick look at his statistics on baseball reference dot com, and what was interesting under his career transactions that he was moved from the Oakland A's to an unknown team in an unknown transaction. I don't think I've ever seen that before on the BR website. 

I've seen the name Pumpsie Green a lot over the years, and I was under the impression that his major league career lasted longer than 5 years.   When I found out that he was out of the bigs by age 29, it kind of surprised me.  After the '63 season, he spent two years in New York State playing AAA for Buffalo and Syracuse. 

The glasses on David Sisler on the first scan are pretty cool, they remind me of a pair of driving glasses I had a few years ago.  I saw the card of Roger Craig and thought "wow, he hardly aged over the past 50 years".  The Chuck Hiller card is the first card I ever "pulled" from this set.   I got it in a pack of Topps Heritage a couple of years ago, sadly it had the 50th anniversary stamp in the lower left.  When I leafed through this lot the first time, I saw the card and smiled, because I remembered the card from a couple years back. 

The only name that I quickly recognized from these two scans was Marty Keough, who is the father of Matt Keough who pitched for the A's and 4 other teams during the 77-86 seasons.  Looking at the younger Keough's statistics I learned that he pitched for 4 seasons in Japan after leaving the Astros in 1986.

Al McBean receives the honor of being the only card scanned along with the only horizontal card in the lot.  McBean was a solid reliever/starter for the Pirates during the 60's, winning 65 games with a 3.08 ERA.  I found the bio of Al on the SABR website, and it was very interesting to say the least.  Be sure to take a look...

A great lot of 83 cards also provided a great boost to this set for me.  I only need 34 more cards to reach the 30% goal I set for the year. 

Getting the '62 and '68 goals accomplished quickly wasn't something that I expected or wanted to happen, but if I do knock them off quickly, that just means more $$ to go towards the '64 set, or maybe some other goodies that might come my way.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Al McBean was the Sporting News NL Fireman of the Year in 1964. That’s a big honor considering the Pirates had ElRoy Face in the bullpen. You also got 1960 NL MVP Dick Groat in the lot.