Thursday, August 22, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 921-925

While cleaning and trying to get some envelopes together to ship this weekend (there should be quite a few of them), I thought I'd show off 5 more cards towards the 1500 total.  

Take a look...

Card #921:  Mark DeRosa

Serial Number:  1198
Team:  San Francisco Giants, card # 26  out of 50

The ultimate utilityman, Mark has had 6 different seasons in which he played at least one game at 6 different positions.  (not counting DH)  Mark hit career home run #100 this year with the Blue Jays.

Card #922:  Justin Morneau

Serial Number:  1095
Team:  Minnesota Twins, card # 28 out of 50

I was really surprised that the Twins put Morneau on waivers, but not unlike everything else, all good things must come to an end.  Maybe.  There were a few quick whispers that the Pirates might go after him, but they died out quickly.

Card #923:  Ian Kinsler

Serial Number:  1004
Team:  Texas Rangers, card # 37 out of 50

The Diamondbacks really liked Kinsler, so much so that they drafted him twice (2000 & 2001).  Both times, he did not sign.  The Rangers picked him in the 17th rd in 2003, and the rest as they say is history. 

Card #924:  Johnny Cueto

Serial Number:  994
Team:  Cincinnati Reds, card # 31 out of 50

I am not a Cincinnati Reds fan, but for some reason, I could see myself being a Johnny Cueto fan.  I don't know if it's the Luis Tiant spin in his windup, but I really do like watching Cueto pitch.  Maybe one day if he changes teams I'll follow him even more....

Card #925:  Johan Santana

Serial Number:  970
Team:  New York Mets, card # 34 out of 50

How many of you out there knew that Santana was a rule 5 draftee?  I'll go one better, the day he was selected by the Marlins in the Rule 5 draft, he was traded to the Minnesota Twins for Jared Camp.  Jared never pitched a game in the majors, and we all know how Santana fared in the Twin Cities.  I can't see the Mets picking up his $25 million option for 2014.   Any takers?

Thanks for reading, Robert

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