Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lump Day

It's not too often that I'm fortunate enough to spend an entire day doing nothing.  That is what I did today though, because I felt I deserved it.  Every day since my vacation started last Saturday, I had driven for at least one hour during the day. 

I finished reading a book, and just spent the entire day doing what you should do when you're on time off. 

I enjoyed myself.  Part of enjoying myself was cracking a hobby box of this:

As you can see, I'm still having trouble with the phone, but the box you see is a 2002-03 Pacific Quest for the Cup Hobby box.  I picked this up at Target (yes, you read that right) when I visited my mom the other day.  Now, why I can't seem to pick up any boxes like this at the big box stores in the US is beyond me, but I was quite happy to plunk down $35 Cdn. in order to bring this home.  (EDIT:  I would end up buying 2 of these)

I'm not going to make an attempt to take any more pictures with my iPhone, and since I'm heading back home tomorrow, I'll be sure to post some pics from an actual scanner. 

I did do quite well on the box break, beating the odds on both the rookie cards I pulled (Ryan Miller and Rick Nash), along with 3 jersey cards. 

You'll get a breakdown on the break tomorrow, these cards do really look nice and I am really looking forward to showing them off.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you pulled. Nice start with the Ryan and Rick rookies.