Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sakic Sunday: Purple = American

I'm not sure exactly what prompted our friends at Score to publish three hockey sets back in 1991-92.  For those of you who may not be in the know, if you had the red version of a Score hockey card back then, it was one of two Canadian versions of the card, and if you had the purple version, you had this:

The purple American card backs were written and English, and had an American flag on the bottom.  One Canadian version was written in French and English, and had both flags on the bottom of the reverse. Upon doing a little more research I learned that there is also a Canadian version written in English only, with just the Canadian flag on the reverse.   I couldn't tell you the last time I remembered seeing a purple Score '91-92 card, and was even more surprised when I realized I didn't have it for my Sakic collection until Trevor from Supporting the Minnow sent it my way. 

Now looking over my collection of Sakic's from back then, it appears that the bilingual version is missing from my collection.  Certainly an affordable one to look for...


Thanks for reading, Robert

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