Monday, March 18, 2013

You just never know what you'll get on Twitter

I enjoy Twitter.   I'm not a big tweeter, but I enjoy certain hockey/football insiders that get the inside scoop on all the happenings in the sports world that I care to know about.

I also follow a few of the card bloggers/case breakers out there as well.  A lot of the conversations that I've seen on Twitter regarding card related issues have kept me entertained, as well as informed.  Twitter is where I learned that Topps had its' exclusive license with MLB extended until the year 2020 (which is a conversation for a later date, I still have to process what this means to the hobby, and to me). 

Twitter is also where I won something.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I awoke to an email from Twitter last week stating that I had won a prize from one of the many card breakers that I follow. 

Well alrighty then!!!

Saturday I come home from running errands to a brown envelope in my mailbox.  Less than a week from providing my address to receiving my prize, from Canada no less.

Now, it's not a card that features the blue and white of my beloved Maple Leafs, but for free, this is still a pretty damn good card.

A dual jersey of P.K. Subban and Josh Gorges from 2012-13 SP Game Used.  Yes, it features a couple of players from the Evil Empire of hockey (at least from where I sit), but I still can appreciate the card design.  It helps that at least one of the swatches isn't white as well.

It reminded me that I'm overdue to run a contest here as well.  I plan to do one at the beginning of April, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Very cool and congrats. I haven't had much luck with the online contests etc. Law of averages I will get some luck some day, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the spoils!

  2. a card of my main guy, Subban, for free??????? Maybe I need to join twitter. *shudder*