Friday, March 22, 2013

Cards from a fan that doesn't live in an attic

I could sit here all damn night, and would never be able to come up with a catchy post title for this one.  I received an email a couple of weeks back from Jeff over at the brand new blog Fan-Attic Sports Cards.  Jeff obviously had read a few posts of mine that portrayed a love of anything blue and white, and dug up a few cards for me, which of course are always welcome.

While the bulk of the package is '92 Topps (I'm still wondering how in the world I needed so many of those cards...), I found 15 others for your perusal, which will be counted down 5-4-3-2-1 style.

Let's start with 5 cards from 1992 Donruss, which is another set that I couldn't believe I needed so many of:

Love the CTV Sports banner in the background of the Kelly Gruber card, even more interesting is that Kelly is wearing a road uniform, which means a US ball park was kind enough to let the Canadians post their banner. (I'm thinking maybe Detroit?)

How about 4 cards of one of the greatest Jays ever, Roberto Alomar:

The '93 Upper Deck card (upper right) is a great shot, even the back of the card has a great photo of Robbie hitting in the batting cage wearing a headband.  Maybe if I ever get off my ass and put together a greatest Blue Jays cards countdown, that one will be there for sure.

Not to be outdone, the Blue and White purveyors of puck were represented as well.

Gilles Thibaudeau?  Man, that is a guy that I had completely forgotten about.  Gilles was one of those players that was too good for the AHL, but just not good enough to make a career for himself in the NHL. 90-91  was his final NHL season; Gilles would play 9 more years after that in Switzerland, where he actually had quite the career by scoring 435 points in 332 Swiss League games.

How about 2 cards from a set I completed not too long ago, 1986 Topps.

Every other Cliff Johnson card I've featured shows him with a mean/angry look on his face, so this card is a nice change.  I truly believe that #37 should be the next number sent to the rafters of the Skydome, because Dave Stieb has easily been the franchise's best pitcher of the first 35 seasons.  Yep, better than Halladay, Guzman, or any of the other guys that came and went from 77-12.

Let's see how well this last card scanned...

Sandy kicked around for quite a while in the bigs, a lot longer than I ever remembered.  2004 was the last season that he appeared in a major league game, even though he was signed by teams up until his retirement after the 2007 season.  While researching Sandy's stats, the Baseball Reference website pulled up a little tidbit for me, Sandy has 4 major league seasons to his credit with less than 25 ABs.  Check out the link to see the stats for Paul Hoover, who has the distinction of 6 major league seasons with less than 25 ABs.  (I thought I had too much time on my!)

Jeff, thank you very much for the cards, they were really appreciated!! 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. So many great Jays cards in this post.

    Any Robby card in which he is wearing a head band is okay by me. Actually, it's awesome, by me.