Friday, October 12, 2012

Discipline pt.2

Almost a month ago I wrote a post called Discipline in which I recounted the pickup of some '73 Topps cards at the recent card show.  I also told of a problem that I have with cards; things that are new and fascinating to me (whether or not they are new to the world in general) tend to turn my head and lead me on a path of undisciplined behavior.

Needless to say, with my recent foray into the wonderful world of Update (& Highlights for those that are particular...and you know who you are...), I've now started building another set, something that I really shouldn't be doing. 

With so many sets on the go (I've truly lost count), there is really no need for me to start building more sets.  And yes, you've heard this mantra a hundred times before on this blog...I know, I know.

Pack ripping is a weakness of mine, and it is a difficult habit to break.  The only cure might be to ban myself from Wal-Mart/Target/any big box store that has the dreaded "card aisle".

Easier said than done.

If I was smart, I would learn from the one success I had recently on eBay and be disciplined enough to find the SPs I am seeking to complete the 2011 Heritage set.  I was fortunate to win an auction of 13 SPs for a little over $1/card, which at the rate they've been selling, is a pretty damn good price. 

All 13 were not on the need list, but I figured at that price, I could use the rest as traders for someone else who may be looking for them.  Here are the 5 that are duplicates:

Collecting by the numbers?  Gonzalez is #437, Marcum is #438, De La Rosa is #441, Marmol is #446 and Ramirez is #469.  If you happen to need any of these, post a comment or send me an email....

By the way, here are the 8 that I needed:

And then there was 32

I wonder how long I'll be able to last without ripping open a pack of cards?  Maybe someone out there could start a pool.

I wouldn't even know what number to pick for myself, because as a pack addict, I could break at any time.

Besides, I do have a birthday coming up...what ever would I do without a pack to open on that day?

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Nice job, Robert! Anytime you can grab these for a buck or less, that is a victory.

    I'm equal parts thrilled and frustrated by short prints. On one hand, I think it's fun to hunt for these cards. On the other, it's expensive. Plus, I think it's a real bummer that I may never have a 2011 Heritage card for, say, Jose Reyes b/c he's short-printed.