Saturday, October 6, 2012

For what it's worth, my 2 cents on Update

If I could write this post with my hand on my heart to swear that I'm telling the truth, I would.  You can't type fast with one hand on your heart though.  I really want to buy the new stuff and say that I whole heartedly enjoy it.  I can't quite do that with update.

Now there are things that I really do like in the update boxes I purchased.  Yes, I said boxes.  With no card show this weekend (bummer), I had to drown my sorrows in something, so two retail blasters from the wonderful world of Wal-Mart was my therapy.

I know what you all are saying already....."Robert needs a new doctor". goes nothing...

The serial numbered gold parallels are back!  You knew I had to start with that.....

This may be my favorite card so far this year...Buck looks bad ass getting ready to chase down Jemile Weeks.  What does he get for his troubles?  A bat headed in his direction.  For me, this is a great picture.  Even better was the serial number is one that I need....

More stuff that I like....things that should be in an update set...such as RCs

Players in their new uniforms...or uniforms you don't see on cards too often, such as the Padres Sunday camouflage.

These are what an update set should be about

Now with a beef (or two).  All-Star cards, I can live with them, and I can live without them.  If you're going to add All-Star cards, picture the player in the AS jersey, such as these two...

Love the powder don't see these every day on a card, so include them.  But if I am going to open a pack of cards and see these next 5 cards back to back to back to back to back, you're going to hear an audible "what the @!$$%#"

I know these guys are all stars, I've also seen them in their standard uniforms many times.   What is the Update here?    Sorry Topps, but this is a miss from where I stand...

The '87 minis are back, makes sense to carry these over from the other 2 products.  They will likely be traded though....The Gold Standard and Golden Greats are also back as well...I didn't bother scanning those, but I will be perusing peoples trade lists to get these cards into the hands of people that want them.

Blockbusters is a new insert for the Update series.  Featuring blockbuster signings and trades that occurred in the past.  For the blaster boxes Topps also incorporated these blockbuster cards as well...

I'm 50-50 on these...not sure if I like the fact that the photo covers up part of the hat relic...I'll definitely trade for the Jose Bautista relic if anybody out there pulls it.

Yes, there is also the Wal-Mart blue parallel, and the Gold sparkly parallels that were featured in series 1 & 2.  But the final thing I'm going to show you just annoyed me....

NO.  NO.  NO.   NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.

Not because it is Mitt Romney.  Why in the hell do I want a presidential predictor?  Come on Topps.  I want baseball cards please, not predictor cards of this years presidential race.   Give me a predictor of something I really want to follow!!  Try something like these:

  1. Print 10 Josh Hamilton cards photoshopping him in uniforms of teams that he's already rumored to be signing with.  Make the 11th card  "the field"
  2. How about a 10 card predictor set of when the next time someone will win the Triple Crown.  Make all the cards expire at the end of 2013 just to piss everyone off.
  3. Try a predictor set of the potential team that Bobby Valentine gets hired to manage. (ouch)
OK, now that I've had my fun, in all honesty the update set is OK for me...yes I will complete it...but like many of you out in the blogosphere, there are things that I would like to see change.

One day, maybe....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great post as usual, Robert. Thank you for sharing!

    I don't have as much of an issue of the ASG cards. At least they are all photos taken during the actual event, so that makes it OK with me. I could do without the HR Derby cards, however...

  2. In my mind, the best part of update are the Presidential Predictor cards. I think the Obama I pulled made my hobby box passable to me. Of course, I'm a political junkie who took Election Law in the mornings out of personal interest, so I might be a little biased.

    1. There weren't third party candidate cards in that set, I'm guessing? ;-)

  3. I just finished busting my hobby box of Update. Like Mark, I like the ASG cards. The uniforms were awfully ugly this year, though.

    Great post overall, though, Robert!

    Also, I'd love to get that '87 LaHair mini if it's available.

  4. Robert - the thing that you omitted is that the third series that Topps issues of their flagship brand is known as Update & Highlights. That's how Topps is able to include the ASG and Home Run derby and debut cards into the series. Having said that, I agree with you that I can do without the ASG and HR derby cards. I'd rather that Topps went back to just an Update set. If they need ASG and HR derby, include them as an insert set. I'd rather that Topps tries to get more of a team's 25 man roster onto a card than an endless excuse for having more Jeter and Pujols cards. It makes team sets (other than Yankees, BoSox and Mets) that much more relevant.

  5. If it is still available, I would love that Chipper Jones 1987 Mini. Let me know.

  6. Robert, I have the Bautista relic- still want it?

  7. Have to agree with Nick, those uniforms were butt ugly. They must have gotten a discount on the fabric. I also agree that if you are an All-Star, you should be depicted with the all-star uni. Don't get me started on the all-star swatch cards that are miss-matched.