Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A post so bad a catchy title couldn't save it.

You ever have a day where you just sit at the monitor and can't put two sentences together??

Feel so bad that whatever you write just seems worthless??

Have absolutely no idea what to write about...essentially feeling like a lot of pitchers do with a bat in their hands??

So far this week, I just don't feel like I have it.  Don't have the normal mojo.  Don't feel like I could play all 9 positions in the same game....

I don't have my normal sunny disposition while writing:

So, I sat down and had myself a couple of pops...

Took a look at a few masterpieces ....

Rangers helmet...Braves team name...Masterpieces...

and finally came to the realization that after watching 6+ months of the "boys of summer", that my natural progression wasn't occurring and the "boys of winter" weren't going to be playing anytime soon (at least on my TV)

Maybe my problem is that I'm longing for the days where there was no collective bargaining, no helmets, and a man could be nicknamed "Bunny" and not be ridiculed.

Someday Dave, I will write a full post on these cards...

It's been so bad that I feel compelled to show you this card again....

this is from Topps Updates "& Highlights"...hey thanks Anonymous!!!

Now that you've ready my drivel, head on out there and read some real posts from some real writers!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have my mojo back.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I've had a day like that for the last two months!

  2. sending some mojo your way.....do you feel it yet? Sorry, that just must have been gas. Love the post anyways!

  3. heck - i enjoyed the Lasorda and Sutton cards. :)

  4. i agree with oscar - nice to see tommy and sutton! not a bad post if you ask me.

  5. I will be there that day too!! Enjoying every word of it...In the meantime, glad to see Bunny relaxing, I wish I was too...