Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time to start showing off my PCs: Joe Sakic 89-90 OPC

I've wanted to do this for quite a while, namely start showing off the collection of Joe Sakic cards I have.  There has been many a time that I have talked about him on the blog, and the reasons that I collect him.  As with most player collectors, my favorite card of Joe is his RC, from the 89-90 OPC set.

I miss the old Nordiques jerseys

As with many posed shots, Joe looks really impressed to be there.  This is also the only year that you will see a card featuring Joe wearing a number other than his traditional 19.

Joe wore #88 in his rookie season in Quebec, as #19 was taken by Alain Cote.  Alas, 1988-89 was Alain's last season in the NHL, and Joe took over the number the next year and kept it for the next 19 seasons.

For those who were wondering, Joe wasn't the first player to wear #88 in the NHL, he was actually the fourth to don the double snowmen.  Ken Hodge wore #88 while playing for the New York Rangers at the tail end of his career.  The other 2 players who wore #88 before Joe played for the New Jersey Devils in the early 80's (Garry Howatt and Rocky Trottier).

Oh yeah, and some guy named Lindros wore the #88 the longest in NHL history...13 years.

Now that I've added a 2nd Player to collect (Jim Thome), I'll be able to post more often on these collections.  Mind you, my Thome collection is only at 6 cards right now, but I've got a lot of cards to pour through to get that collection going.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. There was one more. Owen Nolan wore #88 as a rookie (you can see it on his Pro Set RC if you google it). So of the 5 players to wear #88, three were first-round picks of the Nordiques.

  2. Patrick Kane, too. Forgot about him.

  3. OK - it's more than that:

    1. Yep, I knew that there were quite a few that wore the 88 after Sakic wore it, but I only mentioned the players before Sakic, and Lindros after because of the longevity.

  4. There is an example of a set that is hard to get in Pristine Mint condition. Love it though, I have both Topps and OPC and the Sakic is a classic.