Sunday, July 1, 2012

Something I don't do very often works out quite well

I've written many times over of the various blasters, rack packs, etc. that I've bought while writing this blog.  Some good, some not so good.  I actually came out better than I thought yesterday money wise after taking my truck in for some repairs, so I decided to do something I don't normally do when it comes to purchasing cards.

I hit the local hobby shop, and picked up a hobby box of Topps Series 2.

Yea, I know the big spenders out there are saying "so what??", but since this is only the 2nd hobby box of cards I've bought since starting the blog 11 months ago, for me it's kind of a big deal.

To be honest, it was damn fun!!

I got home in time for the Pirates game yesterday afternoon, and spent the afternoon between watching the game, and ripping open 36 packs of cards.  I kind of drew it out for myself, opening 9 packs at a time and then setting the rest aside while I continued to watch the game.

There was one thing I enjoyed the most about the box.   No duplicates.  Each base set card I received was unique, and I wound up with 294 out of the 330 card set.  There was also the countless inserts in the box, which I've scanned for your viewing pleasure.

6 Gold Futures:

9 Golden Moments (Don Mattingly not pictured).  I like the use of some of the older logos on these cards (Brewers and Phillies to name 2).

 5 Gold Standard:

6 A Cut Above:

6 Career Day:

8 '87 minis:

5 Mound dominance:

A couple of Jose Bautista inserts to go into the Jays collection:

Finally, a couple of the cards that gave the box a little more oomph.  In the second pack I opened, I snagged this beauty (in my eyes at least):

The black parallel Mauer is #'d 18/61, and since I already have an 18 for the insanity set, this is up for trade.

Finally, here's "the hit", an Evan Longoria Golden Moments jersey card:

At least the swatch wasn't white

I still need 17 cards to complete the set, which hopefully I'll be able to pickup before too long:


If you have 'em, just let me know, I have plenty of series 2 doubles for trade as well.

Also, everything scanned except for the Jose Bautista cards are also up for trade. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I could use a bunch of those insert cards - I've got the wantlists (it's by number so hard to tell) on my site. I think I could finish ALOT of your 86 Topps set, and probably get a few more from serial insanity.

    Also, I've got from 2012 Topps:

    331, 397, 410, 460, 476, 603, 656

    1. Charlie, email has been sent to you

  2. Interested in Longo if you wouldn't mind setting it aside for me for a future trade....

    1. Greg, I will set aside the Longo for trade #7!

    2. Gracias! I'll keep my eyes open for something to entice you.

  3. The Cut Above Musial is on my Most Wanted list. I'd love to trade for it.

  4. And if the Mauer is available, I'd like to try and trade for it too.

  5. Oh and I have #603 for you. (sorry for so many comments)

  6. btw, did we have a swap going? If so, I've completely forgotten about it..... please remind me... and quit laughing, I'm not old.... really....

  7. i could use the garvey. i'm sure i can find find something to send...

  8. Hey Robert, I could use a bunch of those inserts if they're still available. I picked up some more Blue Jays cards for you at the show this past weekend, let me know via email if you'd like to work something out.