Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's start the last week of year 1 with a simple trade post

I recently completed another trade with Charlie over at Lifetime Topps which netted me quite a few cards towards a couple of the many sets I have on the go.

First, I received 36 cards from a set that just seemed to disappear overnight from the blogosphere, the '12 GQ set.  I'll spare you from having to view all of them, but I thought you might like to see the retired players that came my way:

Charlie also had a ton of '86 Topps cards that he sent my way (was there a fire sale on 86's?  I seem to get these by the hundreds!!)  As I have lately on the blog, I'll have a little fun with a few of them now.

Let's start with the classic story of Rags to Riches:

I couldn't find a second Rich, so maybe Rags to Rich?

These next two guys could write their names backwards and still get it right:

No, palindromes are not medieval knights...

Dodgers fans of the late 70's / early 80's may want to turn their heads before looking at the next two cards:


Charlie also sent me my first two Gold Blue Jays from the 2012 set:

these cards just scan horribly in my opinion

Finally to finish the post off, people would say hello to this next guy by saying "bye-bye"

All or nothing for this guy...

Thank you for the trade Charlie, the cards were very much appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Thanks to you as well. Great looks at the 86 cards!

    I agree - the GQ this year did seem to disappear overnight. It had a decent run for around a month, but little has been heard since everyone figured out which cards were photo variations. And to think, they printed 2.5x as much this year as last year...