Thursday, July 19, 2012

I could never do this to somebody...even if I tried

It's been a little while since I have bitched and moaned on the blog.  I think the envelope I received in the mail yesterday gives me the opportunity to do so today.

I was thrilled to find out I won a 9 card '73 Topps lot from Sportlots recently, for the winning bid of $0.25!!  Throw in $2.50 for shipping, and even though the cards were listed as VG-EX condition, I was still quite happy to win the auction.

Well, like I said, the envelope (notice the word bubble isn't before the word envelope) came yesterday, and I opened it, and saw all 9 cards packed in this.

No penny sleeves, no other protection at all.  Yes, there was only one of these as well.

Wow....what the $%@$....(add your own 4 letter word here)

Maybe it's me, but if I'm going to charge somebody $2.50 for shipping, I'm going to come close to giving them their money's worth.  Maybe I'm wrong here?  Should I expect something like this for an auction that went for $0.25?  Sure, I'd be disappointed as a seller that a 9 card vintage lot went for a quarter, but hey, those are the chances you take when you list something in an auction format.  I've been on the other end.

I also learned a little something about Sportlots today, and that is you cannot provide negative feedback without filing an issue first.  For the amount of money I paid for this auction, the time and hassle of filing an issue would not be worth it in my opinion. 

OK...before I continue my rant, let's at least look at the cards:

2 of the cards have significant creasing, but in all, I was happy with this lot.  Borbon, McAuliffe and Blass are all players that I've heard of, and was happy to pick these up on the cheap. 

This will not discourage me from buying on Sportlots in the future, largely because this is the first incident I've had from any of my purchases on the site.   I will also not publicly post the name of the seller as well, but I could be convinced to provide the name in a private email to anyone who asks.

After all, somebody earlier this week mentioned caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), but if somebody uses Sportlots and wishes to know the name of a seller that is maybe less than desirable, then who am I not to provide that info?

Rant over....that wasn't too bad, was it?

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. you have every right to be mad. that's terrible shipping, especially since they charged you for shipping.

  2. I used to buy and sell on Ebay all the time and I would never consider shipping like that even if I lost money.

  3. Go ahead and file an issue. I've done it when the cards are not in the promised condition and have been credited every time, even if it is just a quarter.
    And, whether its eBay or sportlots or some other site, a shipping charge of 2.50 means bubble envelope. Period.

  4. It certainly amazes me what I see sometimes. I hate paying 4 bucks for shipping and it arrives in a plain white envelope.

  5. wow. I've had better "free" shipping than that. Bought a ton of things from Sportlots and I have never had a bad experience. That's a shame, sorry about that.