Monday, July 16, 2012

36 for 36. At least it started that way

I recently completed another trade (I've been a roll with them lately) with Mark at This Way to the Clubhouse who recently threw his hat into the blogosphere.  Mark sent me a quick email letting me know that he had 36 cards for my '86 Topps set that I seem to be acquiring exclusively through the trade market.

I responded that I had 36 cards for him for his 2012 Topps Series 2 set, and a trade was born.

Well, I thought 36 for 36 was a pretty good deal for me.  Mark decided to add in some '77s, some Blue Jays and some Maple Leafs (!) to the package, and blogger generosity strikes again.

First, I wanted to show a couple of Maple Leafs whose time in Toronto was too short.

Until I saw the Beaupre card, I had forgotten that he played in Toronto.  Sadly, his time in Toronto was not too splendid; it was actually the last hockey he would play in the NHL, 11 games over parts of 2 seasons, and the numbers weren't too good.  Peter Zezel played for 3 seasons in Toronto in the early 90's, and sadly passed away in 2009 at the age of 44. 

I only want to show you one of the Blue Jays cards, because it reminded me of an event that happened while this guy pitched for the Jays.

I would love to know what was said on the mound the night that Cito Gaston came to take out David Wells in Boston, and instead of Wells handing him the ball, Wells threw the ball away.  David marched to his own drummer for sure, which may explain why he played for 9 teams in his 21 year career. 

The '77s I received were a welcome surprise for sure...10 more closer to that set being completed...

It's always tough seeing those Expos cards, Montreal likely will never see pro ball again.

Now, onto the 86's.  I didn't want to show you all 36, but there were a few I thought should be mentioned.

First, Jesse Orosco.

I'm sure you all remember Jesse throwing his glove in the air when the Mets won the WS in 1986.  Can you imagine that glove hitting someone in the head?  Yikes!!  Even better though, I find a post on a Mets blog relating the story of who actually picked up Jesse's glove after that game.

Next, this guy might have had a household name, but he certainly wasn't a household name (if you know what I mean)

Selected in the 2nd round of the 76 draft, 49 spots in front of some guy named Rickey

Next up is Harold Reynolds giving us the "you can only take my picture when I'm ready pose"

7 figures for hugging a co-worker...hmm

This last card I really liked, Topps got this one right for sure. 

Did you know Russell's nickname was "Ropes"??

Usually on "leaders" cards you will see players represented that lead their team in one or more categories.  This card features Bill Russell, long time Dodger shortstop.  What I liked is the quote on the back

" Depicted on Front:  Bill Russell, Dean of the Dodgers, continuous service since June 15, 1970"

I love that.  Topps could have pictured Guerrero, Marshall, Valenzuela or Hershiser, but instead kind of made the card a tribute to a lifelong Dodger.  Awesome stuff.

Mark, thank you for the trade, the cards are much appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Glad you enjoyed! You deserved the 'extras' since many of the '86 Topps cards were in less-than-pristine shape.

  2. If I remember correctly, didn't the 1986 Topps leaders cards feature each team's player with the longest continuous service?