Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The summer set completion series

Those of you who read, or have read, my blog on a regular basis know that I prefer building sets to a player or team collection.  In fact, you could probably say I'm a pro when it comes to completing sets.

Oh, by the way, the pro is short for procrastinator.

I started thinking over the past couple of days how many sets that I'm in the middle of, and their various stages of completion. It makes me shake my head when I think of how many sets are partially complete.  I even used a post  to try and generate some trades to complete a couple of sets and consequently not have to use Sportlots to buy singles.

No luck there at all.

Well, it's high time to clean up the mess.  Yes, you heard me right, it's time to start completing some of the myriad of sets I've got floating out there.  This of course means getting my act together, starting with compiling lists for some sets that I've started ('75 Topps for example) and getting them posted on the blog.  I'm even determined to put a dent into the insanity set, which is starting to pick up a little steam lately after being dormant for a while. 

It's also time to put the pieces and parts of sets that are in various places in my "computer room" together, because after a while the clutter just gets old (I'm sure my wife thinks so).

What makes it tough for me is the allure of new product.  I've fallen victim to Gypsy Queen, and likely will go after that set.  Archives I'm going to avoid (at least completing the set), but I'm sure that once A&G rolls around in July, I'll be tempted to go after that too.  What will be tough for me is keeping the necessary amount of discipline in order to focus on completing these sets, instead of grabbing the latest "shiny new" set.

I've done series of posts in the past about various topics; this next series will focus on various sets that I've started over the years, the cards I need to complete them, the odds of me actually finishing them by the end of the summer, and so forth.  

What does all this mean?  Well, you're more than likely over the next several weeks to see posts featuring cards from sets like this:

Image shown to display set only, not to promote any allegiance towards this particular player or franchise.

Of course hockey will not be the primary focus, but it's going to get a little more love over the summer.  You're also going to see the ugly duckling/3 legged dog set...'86 Topps

Or a classic like '64 Topps:

Thank you Max!!

There are plenty of other sets that are near completion or are reasonably close.  Some are close as 2 cards from being complete, yet I've let them slide for several weeks.  Even the '08 Masterpieces sets I'm working on (base and captured on canvas) are going to be part of this series of posts.

I know for a fact, however, that if I do complete a bunch of these sets during the summer, that by the time October rolls around, I'll have an empty hollow feeling because there will only be a few sets left, and I'll get the itch to start more. 

Sounds like an obsession, doesn't it?  Or maybe habit is the right word for it.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I keep giving myself this same speech about every other month or so.....

  2. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you love 1964 Topps, yet find the 1986 set to be such a dog. It is basically the same design, one I am not fond of in either form. But, I guess to each their own.

  3. Dude. I have lots of 86 Topps :)