Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't let me buy from Sportlots...please!

How did blog reader Bruce ( I don't think he has a blog) save me from myself you ask?  Bruce made me an offer I couldn't refuse after reading my week 34 opening post about '12 Heritage being trade bait.  Bruce even did all the work, had all the cards going each way hammered out on both sides, all I had to do is reply with my address and a "works for me" email, and another trade is born.

Bruce has read enough to know that Jays are welcome, especially those of the parallel/numbered variety

Bruce was also able to knock off a couple of the SPs I need for '11 Heritage, I think I'm down below 50 that I need now...

Finally, in return for all the Heritage base I will be sending him (Bruce, your package goes out Saturday for sure, thank you for your patience), he sent me a majority of my wants for the 2008 UD Series I set. 

There were also 2 cards out of this lot that stood right out....first the good, Johnny Gomes

Fly, be free!!

Now, a card that my wife described by saying "I guess they didn't need the lights on at the stadium when he pitched that night huh?"

They call me mellow yellow

OK...onto how you can save me from Sportlots....

I'm very close to completing not one, not two, but 3 sets...2011 Topps Chrome, 2008 UD Series I and 2002 UD Series II.  Here's what I need for each set:

2011 Topps Chrome, 2 cards:  20 & 170
2008 Upper Deck series I, 8 cards:  87,100,136,138,225,257,291,349
2002 Upper Deck series II, 9 cards:  502,506,521,528,531,533,586,618,721

 Any help on these would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I received the cards to complete the trade from you as promised. Thanks, Bruce the Blog Reader