Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I was just Trolling one day...

When all of a sudden, I get a nice little package in my mailbox from everybody's favorite Troll.  This is part of the 5 package lot of goodies that was in my mailbox on Saturday when I came home from running errands.

As usual, there was a nice little assortment of goodies in the envelope.

Marck had mentioned that he had been quite the beneficiary of blogger generosity as far as 2012 Topps was concerned, so he decided to spread the wealth...

Now you know these had to be dupes, the Troll just doesn't send Rays away...

Next up, you guessed it, Blue Jays aplenty.

Let's see...Brett Cecil is a red bordered Target parallel...the Ricky Romero at the bottom center is a platinum parallel, the Mike McCoy in the lower left is a bronze parallel from 2010 Topps, lots of great variations here, some great stuff. 

Finally, I received an autographed card that I wasn't expecting, but was pretty cool none the less.

I had to think for quite a while about this card, until I remembered a post that Troll had made a while back detailing how he came about the autograph on this and a few other New England Patriots cards.  Cool beans!
This card goes next to the Eddie Murray '78 Topps on the shelf...two cards won in contests!!

The sad part is, when I commented on the post, I told him I would send some cards his way.  I can't even remember if I did. 

I guess I'll just have to send him some anyways...  Marck, thanks again for the Jays/Topps set help, it is much appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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