Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grand Plan? Was I supposed to have one of those?

I obviously attracted a lot of viewers to my blog the other day by putting the word vintage in the post title.  The post also garnered a lot of comments as well.  As always, I do thank you all for the comments, and especially the kind words as well regarding my 300th post.  I always read the comments, and do my best to reply to each one.  This one comment from Kev over at Bonus Cantos kind of stopped me in my tracks though:

congrats on 300, and i know what you mean on 2 fronts... i always dive in "all out" on a product, and lack the patience that old sets requires. I've also been grabbing old cards - all mets, really - on eBay lately... I'm not sure exactly what my "grand plan" is - but it is definitely something i am enjoying right now... except for the fact that the shipping adds so much percentage-wise to the price of the cards.
Grand Plan??  Is there such a thing as a Grand Plan for collecting?  It's funny how a comment from a fellow collector can make you think about the way you collect, or even what you collect.

If you've read my blog at all, you'll know that I started with working on some "older" sets that I had bought packs of while I was collecting casually over the past few years.  As the past several months have gone by, I've found other sets, developed some insane ideas and been tempted by cards that have been sent to me, via trade or blogger generosity.

Kev's comment really got me thinking.  Is there anyone out there that actually has a plan when it comes to collecting?   I'm sure that the organized and the devoted collectors do. 

Now you see, every time I sit down and say to myself that I've got to start focusing on finishing sets such as this:

or this:

But instead I end up seeing this:

Yes, I did get this for 99 cents in case you were wondering
or a bunch of these at such a ridiculously low price that I can't leave them there:

Still one of my favorites, thanks Nachos!
...or I just go completely "insane" and find some of these


I've discovered so damn much over the past months while blogging that I want to devour it all (think Cookie Monster again).  Maybe a grand plan is something I need to keep my focus?  I don't know, but it's funny how one comment can make you think, and come up with a blog post at the same time. 

Kev, thanks for the inspiration...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I've been back in collecting for two years now and I STILL don't have a fully realized grand plan. Hopefully it comes sooner for you but it's tough with seeing so many cool cards out there. Vintage, hits, serial numbered stuff, etc. I still find myself buying packs and such of sets I'll never chase just to open packs. It's a terrible habit but what can ya do?

  2. I've collected for a while now without having any resemblance of a "plan". I just find so many different things interesting that I could never see myself trimming it down to one or two players or sets. (Not that there's anything wrong with having a "grand plan".)

    Perhaps as I get older, I'll want to do some "downsizing" and narrow down my collecting focuses a bit. For now, though, I'll just buy whatever catches my eye. (Your post actually gave me an idea for a post tomorrow, so thanks for that!)

  3. It's not so much a plan as a limited set of focus areas. I'll normally keep a small number of sets of baseball and hockey in play. One reason for this is that when a set is more or less empty, it's really easy to find things. As you get closer to the end, it's needle in a haystack time, so you might as well have something else on the go. If I see something going well under value, though, I'll nab it even if it's not on the list. It'll be a set I get to eventually.

    The main reason I limit the number of active sets is that it helps me stay more or less on budget. There's too much cool stuff otherwise.

    The other thing I found is that except for the biggest names, vintage baseball is way cheaper than vintage hockey.

  4. I have no plan. Just collect what I like.

  5. I guess I fall into one of the groups who does sort of have a grand plan - the Topps project. I have sideshows, but I do follow what I'm intending to do decently. It makes it easier for me to avoid spending too much money.

  6. I am still trying to figure out this thing called life - don't make me come up with a plan for my collecting. Geeeez....

  7. i think the enormity of card products today probably spurred my "grand plan" comment - and it probably shows my age as well! when i was young, it was very simple - buy topps cards. try to complete the set. at least complete your favorite team.

    think about just how many choices we have today! it's kinda mind-blowing, for me, at least...

    and i guess i even noted the fallacity of "grand plan" by throwing it in quotes!

    1. fallacity? i even make up words in comments! *fallacy