Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Trade post # 17: Plaschke, thy Sweater is Argyle

Good Monday afternoon to you all, hope that your weekend is off to a fine start. 

Here within this post is the 5th trade that I have completed with Greg over at Plaschke, thy Sweater is Argyle

Don't blink, or you will miss all the cards I received (lol).  Sometimes small trades are the best, and this one definitely counts in that regard.  I sent Greg some OPC parallels and a redemption card from '11 Topps Chrome for a Danny Espinosa auto.  Greg was able to hit my wants perfectly.

First, I'm one card closer to completing the '77 Topps set...card #491 features rookie pitchers, including Denny Martinez of the Orioles

Greg also knows that a good Maple Leaf auto card is always welcome here, and he definitely did not disappoint.  

Clarke MacArthur of the Maple Leafs...nice auto, even though it is a sticker.  Clarke even manages to fit his jersey # 16 on the limited space he has to work with.

Quick and painless, another great trade brought to you by the team of the Habit and Plaschke....

Thanks again Greg, much appreciated as always!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Love the wad of chew in Bob Sykes' cheek!

  2. A big thanks to you Robert! Always a great time swapping cardboard with you!