Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Trade post # 13: Reader Jacobmrly (Max)

Good Wednesday to you all, here we have another in the growing series of trade posts that the more than generous blogosphere blessed me with during the month of January.

I received an email from Max, who many of you know as the profile ID Jacobmrly, stating that he was dime box hunting at a card show and found a bunch of serial numbered cards for me. 

Max was gracious enough to send these to me for "cards to be named later", which likely will be stuff from the upcoming 2012 releases.  How can I pass up an offer like that?

Here's the insanity...

Great stuff for the insanity project
This is one of many trades that have made the project so worthwhile.  When someone thinks about you while they are roving through a card show, you know that the blogging is worth the time and effort.

Max, thank you again, I'll be sure to get you those cards as soon as I have something worthy enough to send back to you!!

Thanks for reading, - Robert

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