Saturday, September 24, 2022

Only a 55 cent discount, but still....

Over time I've been fortunate enough on eBay to get a few lots on the cheap.  Some evenings I'll spend perusing lots of cards on the site and if I find something that I might want to purchase down the road, I'll add it to my watch list so I can find it quickly (like most people do).  

Last week I found a 30-card lot of 1971 Topps football for just under $11, which was already a 10% discount off of the seller's original price.   I put it on the want list, thinking I'll check it out later in the week.

Next morning, for some reason I was wide awake at 3 AM, so I decided to check my email.  The seller sent me an offer with a further discount (yep, just 55 cents).   I figured it was meant to be so I hit the buy it now button and 4 business days later, the cards were at my house.

Not a perfect scan for sure, but it is representative of the cards that came my way.  I love this set as it shows red for AFC teams and blue for NFC teams, easy to remember.  It is also a smaller set, just 263 cards, of which I now have 37. 

One card I don't have currently but will have to shell out some big bucks eventually is the Terry Bradshaw rookie.  Another Steelers great also has a rookie card in this set, Mean Joe Greene.  There's also a lot of legendary QB's to chase, Namath, Starr, Unitas and Griese for starters.  

I'm hoping to find another lot or 2 on the cheap to get a good start to the set before I start knocking off the singles.   



  1. I seem to get a lot of '5% off' offers from sellers. Most of the time it feels more like an insult than a discount.

    1. 5% better than a lot of sellers offer. I usually find I get the offers from the "mom and pop" sellers rather than the big boys.

  2. This is a great set. Some day I'll complete it.

  3. A lot of times I watch auctions just to gauge current market value... which is why I rarely accept their next day offers. But I'm glad you got one of those offers on a lot you were actually interested in purchasing.