Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Card show math

My back has been pretty sore the last couple of days, so I delayed writing this post until this afternoon so I could spend some time in my office chair without wincing too much in pain.

The other day I showed off the Saturday card show goodies (Earl Campbell RC and others), but I think I did a lot better on Sunday.

A lot of that feeling comes to some card show math that I enjoy experiencing when I hit the right table.  Case in point.

These were all listed for a dollar.  Del Unser RC.  '78 Walter Payton rushing leaders.  Hal McRae RC.  7 x $1= $7

These 3 were $2 apiece.  Earl Campbell's 79 Topps record breaker card to go along with the Rookie I bought on Saturday.  The '71 HR leaders card was needed and for $2 was gladly added to the pile.  The '69 Bunning wasn't the only Bunning in the pile.

3 x $2= $6   Now a running total of $13

This 6 pack was $3 apiece.  Amazing that I found a '59 Topps high number card of Ken Boyer for just $3!  The top of Bunning's 59 Topps card was cut off on the scan, but it was a nice add for the price.  I saw the '75 O. J. Simpson card, realized that I don't own any of his cards, so it went in the pile.

6 x $3= $18.  Running total of $31

Anything of Ted Williams in this decent shape for $5 is certainly worth it.  It's even better when I needed it for the '69 Topps set.

Total is now $36.

I handed the stack to the dealer, and started looking inside his display case to see if there was anything there that was reasonably priced that I could add to the half dozen vintage sets I'm working on.

I saw this card...

I figured to myself, if the price was right, then I'd add this card to the pile and call it a day.   It was listed at $20 in the case.

Dealer gave me back the stack and said

$20.   Wow.  

Instantly I said, "I'll take the '59 Whitey Ford as well."

$40 spent, I was happy and quickly called it a day.   I didn't think I could do any better and my back was also telling me to go home.

You gotta love the card show math.

Enjoy the hobby!!



  1. Very nice pickups. Math-nificent!

  2. Good show. I have been looking for a McRae RC, would love to find one for a buck!

  3. Del Unser night card!

    I have never been to both days of a two-day show. I don't know how you find the time

  4. Those are the dealers I love. I have a couple up here that I like to use for this very reason. They continue to surprise me on their discounts though I never ask or haggle about one (unlike so many others I see nowadays). There's no way I'd be as far along on some sets if it weren't for them. Congrats on the pick ups.

  5. That Ford for $20 is quite the find. Great looking card. Sorry to hear about your back. I've noticed that sitting in my office chair for over two hours ends up causing me problems. Bad backs suck.

  6. Don't see man Larry Csonka cards around here!