Saturday, April 20, 2019

Serial Saturday #23: I think Dennis hit a vein

This week has been a write off for me, this cold cost me 3 days of work and a week's worth of any blog posts.  That didn't stop packages from coming my way, including another very generous one from Dennis at the Too Many Verlanders blog.   Dennis has long been a big supporter of my serial #'d pursuits, and with this latest envelope his legend as serial supporter grew even more. 

I haven't even taken the time to check and see how many of these cards I actually need for the SNI hockey set, but it's been fun just looking at them anyhow.

I originally thought that all 29 serial #'d cards were from various Artifacts sets from the past decade, but while scanning I noticed the Ron Francis card is actually an Ultimate Collection card from the 10-11 set.   Love this year's Artifacts ruby parallels, the red is really striking in hand.

There are a lot of big names on the 2nd scan, but the name worth talking about right now is in the lower left hand corner.   Robin Lehner is a new man with the Islanders, and their 4 game sweep of the Penguins was a bit of a shocker.  Not that they beat the Pens, but in 4 straight was something that few likely expected. 

Another big shocker in the first round is Tyson Barrie and the Avalanche dispatching the Flames in 5 games.  Before the playoffs I thought that the Avs were probably the only team in the western conference that didn't have a chance of advancing past the first round.   Shows what I know!!  How many of you noticed that there are 2 players on this page with the first name of Ondrej...

While Sean Monahan and the Flames have already broken out the golf clubs, Ben Bishop and the Stars are even with the Predators in their series with Game 5 to go today.  The ruby didn't scan as well on these 2 cards, but they still look great in hand and I'll have to check later to see if I have these numbers on the SNI list.

Dennis also added some Sakic, Fitzgerald and a few Leafs cards as well to the envelope.   Great stuff all around, thank you Dennis, the cards are appreciated!

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  1. I love hitting veins of SNIs and 90s inserts!

  2. This was like the perfect package for you!