Thursday, April 25, 2019

On the Mark

This time I got it right.  Instead of giving trade partner Mark (TCDB ID: Mark1010) the credit for the wrong cards from his end of our 1st trade, our 2nd trade which I received a few days ago I am making sure that I post the correct cards.   All 50 of them.

All these years of hoarding serial #'d gold parallels and silver signature parallels from the 90's paid off, as I sent a half dozen of those off to Mark for 50 cards from the '81 Topps set.

While scanning the cards this evening I decided to test my memory and play a game of "Do I remember this guy?" I don't think I fared too badly, as I couldn't remember just 2 of the names (Tom Hausman in the 2nd scan and Dennis Kinney in the final scan).  Yes there are a lot of stars and famous players here, but how many of you 50 somethings remember John Verhoeven and Ron Pruitt?

I have almost 2/3 of this set in hand now, which has been made a lot easier recently by generous trade partners such as Mark on the TCDB.   It seems as if 50 has become the magic number for cards coming my way recently, as I've finished a half dozen trades (or so it seems) that have netted me 50 or more cards off of my want lists. 

Thank you Mark for the cards, they are greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I didn't score as high as you... I only recognized 41 of these guys' names.