Saturday, April 21, 2018

I couldn't go to the card show, so it sort of came to me

Last weekend was the big monthly show, but I didn't have the time to get out there due to some issues around the house that needed attention.  So I did the next best thing and put more $$ in the COMC account, and hit the ebay trail to knock off some want list numbers.

The first auction I grabbed on a buy it now was for these 4 '69 Topps San Francisco Giants cards.  Cost me just about $4 shipped, and the cards are in really good shape for being almost a half century old.  The more cards that I pick up from this set, the more I can't wait to have it put together. 

The shipper was also very fast, packed the cards well and included a nice note (he addressed me as Mr. Mitchell, you don't see that often these days) and just did everything very professionally.  His ID is mft15639 in case you're curious...

The other three cards I purchased were from an old favorite ebay seller of mine, the Battersbox.  My quest for the '59 Topps set has been bolstered by their inventory many a time.

I decided last weekend to start picking at the mid range star cards, of which I have many to add.  These three cost me $17 shipped, but the names you should all recognize.

Many a poor pun has probably crossed your monitor when someone acquires a Herb Score card relatively cheap, so I'll spare you.  Needless to say I'm happy to have this in the collection now for just under $6.

Again, another hall of famer from this classic set comes my way.  With most of my posts, I end up looking up the stats of one of the players on baseball reference dot com.  I decided to hit Nellie's stats, and I was surprised to see that he won the MVP in the 1959 season, hitting just 2 HR's!!  Nellie also won the Gold Glove at 2nd base in '59, and appeared in the World Series against the Dodgers, hitting .375 in the series.  The Dodgers won the series in 6 games...

I also decided to look up Hoyt's stats as well, and was surprised to see that he tied a career high with 15 wins in the '59 season.   He also led the AL in ERA that year with a paltry 2.19 mark; it was one of only 2 seasons in which Hoyt pitched enough innings to qualify for the ERA title.  The other season?  1952, in which he also won 15 games and led the NL in ERA with 2.43.  Hoyt also finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting in '52, behind a fellow by the name of Joe Black, whose career would only last 5 more years.

I have a whole bunch of '59s in my COMC cart right now, and I can't wait to see that want list drop below 100 cards (it's at 159 right now).  I'm starting to get the same feeling I had while building the '64 set; the anticipation of finding the bigger names at cheap prices. 

The way it's looking right now, 2019 will be the year that I finish the '59 set which will be 60 years after it's release.   I'm already looking forward to it...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. You're making awesome progress. We'll have to do an all vintage trade one day.

  2. I'm always in support of a new Hoyt.

    1. Anytime I see Hoyt Wilhelm in the card universe, you come to mind. I was happy to get the '59 for just under $6.

  3. I was just talking about this set with my principal earlier in the week. This was the first set he ever built. Best of luck on your hunt for the final 159!

  4. Herb Score in a blog post! That is AWESOME!