Wednesday, February 24, 2016

OK OK I'll do it

A fat envelope of cards arrived the other day courtesy of Nick of the Dime Box Heroes blog.  He dug deep for a lot of the cards that came out of this envelope for sure!  High number '15 Heritage on the bottom row featuring Pillar and Osuna.  Wal Mart Blue Steve Tolleson turning a double play.  There's even Jose Bautista and his upcoming $30 million a year contract in the middle row on the right.

I'm going to miss Jose in Toronto....

Love, love, love the Pastime's Pastimes A&G inserts.  It must be something about the 100 card inserts from A&G each year, because they seem to be the only inserts that I'll even consider putting together as a "set".  The Dave McKay buyback from the '79 Topps set was definitely an interesting add to the envelope. 

OK team set collectors, ? for you.  Write the Dave McKay in your spreadsheet as a 2016 or a 1979 card?  What would you do?

Chromey goodness is never lost on me, and the bottom row helped that even more.  I think the Martin is the first 2015 Topps Chrome Blue Jay I have.

A trio of '84 Topps Traded leaves that want list at just 1 card, not unlike a whole lot of other want lists on the Blue Jays page.  Speaking of #1, the Gold parallel of Scott Copeland is the first gold parallel from 2015 Topps that I own.  Man, am I behind...

Maybe that was a hint to make sure that my Blue Jays want list was up to date.  Get the 2016 team list on there, and decide what I'm going to chase after this year.

One Jays card that I don't have in my possession yet, and I'm going to need 2 of them, is the Jose Bautista bat flip.  Card #96 is going to be on two lists, hopefully I won't have to fork out a whole lot of $$ for them.  (NOTE: while writing this post, I found an auction for a lot of 5 of them for 3 bucks.  Problem solved)

So there you have it folks, a real lot of dime box cards from the master himself.

Thank you Nick, the cards were really appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I write down the buybacks as being from the year they were stamped. I mean, they've been defaced at that point!

    That, by the way, is a great stack of cards from Nick!

  2. Yepper, that buyback would go as an insert for 2016 for me. (if it were a Braves that is)

  3. I put the buyback with the year the card was made. Stupid stamp changes nothing. It's lucky I don't just toss it in the dupes pile.

  4. I also put it with the year that it was stamped.

  5. I also put them in based on the year they were stamped, though I'd prefer they weren't defaced by Topps in the first place so I could put them in based on the card year instead.

  6. That Fleer Focus Mondesi is really cool.

    I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the buybacks. I ship them off to other people so they can make that decision.

  7. I would think you list it from the year it was packed as such, in this case 2016.

  8. You are very welcome, Robert! Glad you enjoyed everything. I'd personally add the McKay to the 2016 section of your spreadsheet, but I'd probably keep the card itself with the '70s Jays (if that wouldn't throw off the collectors' OCD too much).

  9. I put buybacks in trade packages. If I pull any Jays, I'll send them to you. Nick is a thoughtful and fun trader. Hope he finds inspiration down the road to write up a post occasionally.