Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gint-A-Cuffs IV: Packs 19-24

Packs 1-6 can be found here
Packs 7-12 can be found here
Packs 13-18 can be found here

Running total coming into this post:  138 points

One more round of 6 we go!!!

Pack # 19:

59.  Johnny Damon
106. Bud Norris
235. Victor Martinez

81. Jerry Bailey (Jockey, +1 point)
108. J.P. Arencibia (MY Favorite team base card, +1 point)
319. Adam Wainwright (SP, +2 points)
HTP4.  Historical Turning Points The Reformation (insert, +3 points)
MM5.  Musical Masters Franz Liszt (mini insert, +3 points)

Pack total:  10 points
Running total: 148 points

Pack #20:

91. Grady Sizemore
142. Jose Reyes
226. Jim Thome
275. Kerry Wood

78. Joe Mauer (FP list, +2 points)
223. CC Sabathia (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
196. Lou Gehrig Mini (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
WIN2 What's in a Name Carlos Gonzalez (insert +2 points)

Pack total: 2 points
Running total: 150 points

Pack #21:

52. Cameron Maybin
76. Michael Bourn

181. Joe DiMaggio (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
196. Lou Gehrig (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
WIN37  What's in a Name Jason Heyward (insert, +2 points)
318. Mike Moustakas (A&G Ad Back SP mini, +7 points)
AGR-JJK   Jackie Joyner Kersee jersey relic (Awesome to get in an Olympic year, +10 points)

Pack total: 17 points
Running total:  167 points

Pack #22:

40. Jimmy Rollins
166. Ervin Santana
190. Addison Reed
239. Liam Hendriks
241. Andrew Bailey

249. Phil Hughes (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
WIN24 What's in a Name Ian Kinsler (Insert, +2 points)
ML-16  World's Greatest Military Leaders Frederick the Great (Mini insert, +3 points)

Pack total:  4 points
Running total:  171 points

Pack #23:

31. Jackie Robinson
116. Brandon Beachy
140. Mike Trout
281. Matt Cain

60. Reggie Jackson (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
316. Adrian Gonzalez (SP, +2 points)
147. Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Black Bordered mini, +3 points)
BH-13 Baseball Highlight Sketches Matt Moore (Insert, +3 points)

Pack total:  7 points
Running total:  178 points

Pack #24 (the conclusion):  (Side note, I will be very happy if I NEVER see another Yankee again!!)

18. Kevin Youkilis
208. Martin Prado
217. Brian Wilson

16. Rulon Gardner (Mini A&G Back, +2 points)
212. Ken Griffey Jr. (FP list, +2 points)
302. Jayson Werth (SP, +2 points)
57. Michael Pineda (Damn Yankee....-1 point)
BH22 Baseball Highlight Sketches Joe DiMiaggio (Insert, +3 points, Damn Yankee -1 point, net +2 points)

Pack total:  7 points
Final Box Score:  185 points

Save for all the Damn Yankees in this box, I would have been close to 200 points.  I would have to say I'm very happy with 185 points for my first go round in Gint A Cuffs.

Overall, I am very happy with the box, 2 great autos of Gwynn and Curly Neal, and the relic of Joyner-Kersee was great to pull in an Olympic year as well.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mark A. for the time and effort he puts in to give me, a lowly blogger, a chance to have some fun with this contest.  Thank you Mark!!

Best of luck to all the other participants this year as well!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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