Monday, July 30, 2012

Gint A Cuffs IV: Packs 7-12

Post #1 can be found here:

Running total from post 1, 63 points.   Here we go with day 2!

Pack #7:

24.  Paul Goldschmidt
141. Vance Worley
265. Chris Parmelee
277.  Jesus Montero
293.  Cliff Lee

274.  Derek Jeter mini (Damn Yankees, -1 point)
307.  Jhonny Peralta  (SP +2 points)
HTP18.  Historical Turning points Charles Darwin (+3 points)

Pack total:  4 points
Running total:  67 points

Pack #8:

68.  Rickie Weeks
119. Asdrubal Cabrera
294. Elvis Andrus
297. Justin Morneau

110.  Heath Bell (Favorite Player list card +2 points)
348.  Chase Headley (SP, +2 points)
272.  Jose Tabata (A&G back mini, +2 points)
HTP9 Historical Turning Points Discovery of the New World (+3 points)

Pack total:  9 points
Running total:  76 points

Pack #9:

63.  Zach Britton
95.  Felix Hernandez
100. Troy Tulowitzki
103. Alexi Ogando
144. Joe Benson
160. Shane Victorino mini

176. Babe Ruth (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
WIN50 What's in a Name Mike Schmidt (Insert +2, Favorite Player List +2, +4 points total)

Pack total:  3 points
Running total:  79 points

Pack #10:

56. Jordan Pacheco
90. Roy Halladay (he's not anyone's fave player??)
94. Geovany Soto
215. Dan Haren

279. Brett Gardner (D--- Yankee..sorry can't spell the word out, there's a biblical figure in this pack, -1 pt)
346. Lefty Kreh (SP +2 points)
WTB7 World's Tallest Buildings Chrysler Building (+3 points)
PB-8 People of the Bible  Peter (+3 points)

Pack total:  7 points
Running total:  86 points

Pack # 11:

75. Erin Andrews
195. Jhoulys Chacin
211. Keegan Bradley
238. Austin Jackson
285. Ryan Zimmerman
95.  Felix Hernandez mini

199.  Ricky Romero (Favorite team +1 point)
WIN27  What's in a Name Starlin Castro (Insert, +2 points)

Pack total:  3  points
Running total:  89 points

Pack #12:   (This pack contained 7 cards, due to auto)

55. Colin Montgomerie
100. Troy Tulowitzki
103. Alexi Ogando
63. Zach Britton mini

176. Babe Ruth (Damn Yankee, -1 point)
WIN11 What's in a Name Torii Hunter (Insert, +2 points)
AGA-CNE  Curly Neal Auto (+10 points, needless to say, I really was excited to pull this auto!!  It is a beautiful looking graph as well)

Pack total:  11 points
Running total:  100 points

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Wow, one of the best looking autos I've seen in a while

  2. A Tony Gwynn and Curly Neal auto in the same box = Nice

  3. Already, this box is a win with the Gwynn and Neal autos. Congrats!

  4. Also, how cool would a Globetrotters relic card have been with confetti from the fake water bucket? I mean, if they can have a Balloon Boy relic card, can't they do a Globetrotters one too?

  5. Two great autos in a row?!? What do the next 6 packs hold in store?

  6. You're box is loaded! Hey, if you aren't building the People of the Bible set I think I could use that card of Peter...