Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Random thoughts for a bunch of 79's

I've been fortunate over the past several weeks to be able to remove big parts of my want lists.  Part of the recent Sportlots order that helped me finish the 83-84 OPC set that I showed off last night is this group of 30 1979 Topps cards.

Some great looking cards here, including Fred Norman who sort of looks like he didn't want his picture taken.   Eric Rasmussen looks like he's trying to hide something in his glove.

I count 7 players in pinstripes.  I don't know if I ever remember seeing J.R. Richard, or any other Houston Astro in the dark blue warmup jacket with the rainbow stripes.

It also seems to me that I've obtained every Rick Burleson card for a six year run (78-84) recently.  Aside of Larry Hisle (maybe), I don't see one extra ounce of fat on any of the midsections of these players.  Why are the White Sox wearing all black uniforms?

Kurt Bevacqua doesn't appear to be chewing gum at all.  John Lowenstein will always be an Oriole to me.

It's always great looking at these older cards, as it brings so many memories and random thoughts to mind.  My 79 Topps build is just over 2/3 done now, hopefully I can put another dent into it this weekend at the card show.   We shall see...

thanks for reading!



  1. I recently decided to pull the plug on my '79 set build. Not like it ever got anywhere close to where you are now, but maybe I can help cross one card off your list.

  2. Can't see a card of Richard without wondering what kind of career he might have had if he didn't suffer that stroke. Man could that guy throw.