Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Mistaken identity

I received this ebay package last Friday, thinking that it was my end of the TCDB trade that I chronicled the other day.  The package was a lot larger than I expected, as I only ordered a Joe Sakic jersey card to go along with the Pacific Atomic card that I showed off a few days ago.

I expected only one card from this seller, but got quite a bit more than that.   The envelope was stuffed...

Half a dozen 2012-13 Leaf Certified cards.  Nice stuff, Zetterberg probably the biggest name of the bunch.   Free.

I didn't notice until I started writing this post, these 8 cards are about 1/2 of the Nashville Predators from the 2008-09 OPC set.  Don't need any of them though, as I have that set completed.   Free.

2013-14 Score.  I do believe that I have a bunch of these in one of my boxes in the card closet.  I like this design, nothing flashy but each card features the team colors which I like.  There's also a gold bordered Mark Giordano in the lot as well...

Oh, by the way there is the Joe Sakic card which was the actual purchase.

$2.99 + shipping.   I'll take these all day at that price.  If you feel like throwing in a couple of dozen extra hockey cards along with it, feel free.

Thanks for reading, Robert