Thursday, July 5, 2018

Inbound and Down #42: All Trade Bait, All The Time

Gotta love when an envelope arrives totally out of the blue.  I am expecting a couple of orders from ebay/Sportlots, but neither are due for a few days.

I arrived home today to find an envelope from Oscar at the All Trade Bait, All The Time blog.  It was nice to see some Blue Jays hit the household, as I really haven't focused much on them for the past several months (aside from sorting the entire collection).

The note that Oscar included hoped that if I already had these cards that they might be upgrades instead.  What's nice about having the collection sorted now is that I can find these quickly and see if they need upgrading.

3 more for this years Heritage team set.  I have 8 now, still need 7 base plus the 2 SPs to finish this years release.

This Kevin Pillar is one of two base cards I needed to finish the GQ base set.   Richard Urena is the only other card I need.

Speaking of Urena...

He and Pillar are linked again in this pair of 2018 Topps cards.  They're the last 2 for GQ, and they're the first two I have for the flagship. 

Interesting, I have hardly bought any 2018 product, but at 29 cards it isn't the year in my collection that has the fewest # of cards.  That happens to be 1977 with just 24.

Funny what you think of to add to a post while you're writing it.

Oscar, great cards, thank you very much!!!  The envelope was really appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I'm so glad these hit the mark. Mission accomplished :)