Thursday, July 12, 2018

A bit of a bitch fest

I received an order from Sportlots earlier this week, actually it came the same day that I received the cards from CommishBob.

I was kind of excited about this 94 card order and was looking forward to receiving them.  I pulled from my mailbox a box of cards from Bob (just over 100 in total), shipped very well.   And I also received this...

This is an 8.5 x 11 white envelope.  No padding.   It would be something that you would receive documents in from say, a legal firm.  Not me.  I received 94 cards, without benefit of a top loader or any kind of protection.

I paid $6 premium shipping for this.   I get that people sell cards to make money, believe me I've been there myself.

I wouldn't do this to anyone.  Never.

AMAZINGLY, these cards arrived unscathed.

About 30 cards apiece for each of the 78, 84 and 85 sets were knocked off the want list.   Needless to say I have to find another seller though when I decide to knock another 100 or so cards off the list.

The moral of the story?  If you're going to charge someone $6 to ship them an order, at least try to spend more than half of it on the actual shipping charges. 

It's just good form.

Thanks for letting me bitch.   Robert


  1. I was worried for a minute that this was about the new shipping service from sportlots, but it was just one particular seller? Glad they got there ok anyway.

  2. What a sham. I'd be pissed too.

  3. Funny you should post this today. I had five postcard-sized cards in my cart from a single seller this morning. He wanted $2.75 for the first one and $1.25 for each additional card. He was getting $7.75 for standard (1st class) shipping. Sorry...I emptied my cart.

  4. I just happened to pay $6 in shipping for an order off of ebay and thought to myself, "this better be secured like Fort Knox." When I received it, it actually was sealed up tight. I hope I never have a story like yours.

  5. It is messed up that there are collectors/sellers who try to make even more money off of shipping. I am willing to bet if this seller was the buyer, they would be upset to receive this but he is fine sending it?

  6. Man. That kind of stuff just mashes my potatoes.

  7. This is pretty bad, but I don't know if it's worse than the time I ordered around 50 cards from a seller on there, who thought it was a good idea to bundle all of the cards together with a couple of rubber bands (sans any sort of protection) and toss them into a envelope that was similar to yours. My cards didn't fare so well, and ended up going back.

  8. $6 shipping for that?! Should have definitely been a bubble mailer with cards protected as a brick. I'd even expect a small box for that price. Unreal.

  9. At least the cards arrived ok, but that is still not an excuse for what the seller did. I have been lucky to never receive anything like that from my Sportlots orders.