Thursday, July 27, 2017

Try A Pack #5: 2017 Bowman

As far as the annual Bowman purchase goes, the "try a pack" moniker is right on the money for what I purchase every year.  One pack, maybe a three pack rack pack if I feel frisky. 

There's nothing wrong with the Bowman product, I just don't subscribe to the rookie chase like a lot of people do.  Hey, if that's what you're into for your collection, all the power to you.

For me, there's just a lot of other ways that I can spend my hobby money.  But with Bowman, there's always the one pack gamble.  This year was no different; on my Target run a few days ago, I spotted a lonely pack of Bowman among a stack of Walking Dead packs.  So I bought it and figured we'll see if we get lucky.

I had to look up what Angel Perdomo is doing in the Jays minor leagues.  He spent this summer in Dunedin playing for the high A Jays affiliate.  5-6 with an ERA just below is not bad, although a WHIP of 1.553 is a bit high for a starter.  I thought I had heard Matt Strahm's name recently, and I was right as he has just been traded to the Padres as part of the Trevor Cahill deal.

Dansby Swanson is the big name among these three, although Raimel Tapia is having a decent season as a sub for the Rockies, currently hitting .300.  Eloy Jimenez was traded recently, going to the south side of Chicago as part of the Jose Quintana deal. 

These are what drives me nuts personally, the Chrome cards.   I can see one Chrome per pack being OK and a normal part of the packing process.   But 1/3 of the pack being Chrome cards which are separate from the main set is a little annoying.  But that's just me.  What I did like is the Talent Pipeline card.  It reminds me of the multi-player cards from the 70's and 80's that focused multiple rookies from one team.  Maybe Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop might be interested in that card.

The final card gave me a bit of justification for buying the pack.   I've long lamented my poor luck when opening packs.  Well, lucky me this time...

It doesn't get better than landing a card of the biggest name in rookies this year, Aaron Judge.  What's good about this card is I already have a plan for it, I do owe someone out there a bit for what they've sent me in the past. 

Bowman is a solid product every year for Topps and for all the rookie card collectors out there in the world.   I've never turned my nose up at it, it's just that the set builder in me has other stuff in line that's more up my alley. 

I'm sure that in 2018 I'll remember that I got lucky with my one pack this year and try again...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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