Saturday, April 29, 2017

1585: Mike Joyce

I don't know if it is just plain thriftiness, or if it was principle, but the hunt for an "affordable copy" of the '64 T Mike Joyce card seemed like an endless one for me.

This is not Mike Joyce's rookie card.  That appeared in the '63 Topps set.  This is not part of the high number shorter print series.  It's in the 2nd to last series from '64. 

Mike never actually pitched in the majors for the Mets.  His career was done in 1965 at the age of 24.  He didn't die tragically or at a young age.

There's his complete major league history on the back of this card.  So it absolutely mystified me why I couldn't find a copy of this card for under $10 for the longest time. 

I finally was determined this past week to buy a copy of this card in order to get the '64 set done.  Amazingly, I found this copy for just over $7 shipped. 

Now that I finally have this in hand, I'm just waiting on the Luis Aparicio card to come my way.  Hopefully Monday or Tuesday that will be in, and I can scan and show off the set to everyone.

$1592-$7=$1585 left for 2017.  At this pace, I'll spend $1272 for 2017, so I'm still well ahead of my goal.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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