Sunday, July 3, 2016

An artist, I am not

Over the last few months, even though I'm not writing as much as I used to here, I am still thinking about other collectors when I pull something halfway decent out of a pack, or something that I know someone else might like.

I sent an envelope of Royals cards to Josh of the Royals and Randoms blog, and he responded in kind with a PWE featuring a couple of Blue Jays cards that were cool to me.

If you've paid any attention to this blog over the past 5 years, you know that I'm a sucker for serial numbered parallels.  This brown framed paper parallel from '15 GQ featuring Jose Reyes is a nice add to the Jays collection.  It is #'d 52/499. 

I'd love to see Reyes get another shot at a job in the majors with the Mets. 

Thank goodness that Josh put a note in the envelope telling me who this is, because I wouldn't have recognized it right away.  This is a sketch card of Paul Molitor, whom I didn't recognize at first, but when I read the note I said, "OK, I see it now". 

It's certainly a helluva lot better than anything I could sketch for sure.  Both cards are great additions to the Jays collection.

Thank you Josh for the envelope, it's greatly appreciated!!  I have some more cards coming your way sometime soon.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. This post makes me regret not completing those art class my mom signed me up for when I was a kid. That sketch card is sweet!

    1. My standard joke when it comes to my artistic ability is "I have trouble drawing stick figures".

      I'm always envious of anyone with artistic ability...

  2. Very cool sketch card! I can definitively tell it's Molitor.