Saturday, May 16, 2015

I wish I had more time

With only about 2 hours to spend at the show last night, I didn't have the time to go through all the tables as thoroughly as I would have liked.  With the sea of vintage that was at the show, I could have had a field day with more time, and money....

But in the end, I didn't fare too badly. 

'68T wasn't high on my priority list yesterday, but the first table I hit had these for a $1 apiece. 

I will admit that I didn't look long and hard for the 2014/2015 Topps needs on my list, but I only saw 1 table that had a decent display of modern cards.  What's worse, I only found 5 of the 8 cards I needed to finish the 2015 set, and didn't find any 2014's.  I guess it's time for Sportlots to finish the job.

At that same table, the dealer had a large amount of GQ on display as well, including a box of inserts and a box of minis.   When I saw "The Queens Throwbacks" cards that you see here, I was impressed.  If I had to complete one insert set this year, this would be it.  At a quarter apiece, I couldn't resist picking up a few of these. 

I did also pick up a few jersey cards here and there, but they are for other bloggers, so I'll keep them a surprise until they get sent out.

The main focus wound up being the '64 Topps set yesterday.  I knocked a dozen cards off of that want list, which was more than I expected.

I don't think I've ever seen the '64 Yankees team card before yesterday.   I knew that it was expensive, so when I saw this copy for $7, I snapped it up quickly.  The Pirates team card here in western PA is usually overpriced, so when I saw it priced at $3, I didn't think twice and added that to the pile.

An unmarked 7th series checklist and a Casey Stengel card for $2 apiece.  Easy pickins.

I found the Glen Hobbie and the Phillies Rookie Stars card at the first table for a $1 apiece, too bad I couldn't find any more high numbers at that price!!  The other 4 cards were $2 each.  For high numbers, I was happy to find them so cheap.

I listened to a lot of Tony Kubek in the early years of Blue Jays telecasts, and now I finally own one of his cards.  I picked up this copy for $5.

I spent a fair bit of time hunting for the 2 Yaz cards that I wanted ('64 and '73).  I didn't see any of the '73s, but this beauty came home with me for just $15. 

I'm down to just 62 cards to finish the '64 set, a very attainable number in my mind.  My goal is to finish this set by the end of 2015, but in order to do so, I will likely have to hit one more big show in order to find some good deals on the cards that I still need.

I'm guessing a trip to Chicago just might be in order...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. What a great show, Robert! I don't know how you could spend only 2 hours at a show. I go to shows expecting to spend 2 hours, and the first time I check my watch usually 4 hours has passed!

  2. You can never go wrong with Hoyt. Great pickups all around!

  3. I honestly have a difficult time spending more than a couple hours at a card show. I'm not much of a browser and I like too many things. Once the money disappears -- and it does so quickly -- I'm done.

    Good stuff. You have a smattering of wants coming your way soon.

  4. Nice haul. Yeah, 2 hours is about my card show limit. My back/feet/neck start giving out after a couple hours. And by then I've typically got a nice big stack and feeling good about it.

  5. That '64 Stengel is so choice, one of my all time favorite Mets cards. The '65 Stengel may or may not be from the same group of photos, but I love the way this one is cropped.

  6. Nice-looking pick-ups! Arriving a little before start time, I am usually the last out the door at most card shows. I don't have the opportunity to attend many so I soak it all up! Two hours is unimaginable!