Monday, May 11, 2015

I don't even have to think this week

Maybe getting a few trade posts out for everyone in the blogosphere will break me out of the writing funk that I've demonstrated during 2015.  With all these envelopes coming in, I don't even have to think about a particular subject to write about.  These posts just sort of write themselves.

I've been fortunate to receive 4 bubble mailers since Saturday, each person demonstrating their own version of generosity.  All 4 versions were great, btw.

I decided to start with some vintage that was sent to me by the generosity of CommishBob, who has recently started writing about the 1960 Topps set in Horizontal Heroes.  It's only 6 posts in, but I'm looking forward to following it from start to finish.

Bob was kind enough to send me 10 cards from the '62 Topps set, one that I really like but will probably take me quite a long time to build.

You can see from the 9 cards in this scan the biggest problem that the '62 set has, the borders.  I like the wood grain look, but the centering is really all over the place.

The Billy Gardner card is probably the nicest card of the bunch, and with Yankee cards usually carrying a premium price, I am thankful that this card was generously sent my way by Bob.

I still have a very long way to go to complete the '62 set.   I'm at 180 cards now, not bad considering I've really taken my time picking up cards for this particular build.  It is definitely one of the projects that I plan to complete some day, it's just a matter of prioritizing it against all the other sets I am currently working on.

Bob, thank you so much for the cards!!  They are really appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Glad you like them.I wanted to hit you up with something different so I figured the '62s were a good choice.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous lot. Congrats!