Friday, May 22, 2015

A great way to start the long weekend

A while back the Night Owl commented on one of my infrequent posts that he was "scraping together" an envelope to send my way.  It arrived today, and I'll say that I don't think scraping together was the right phrase.

Except maybe for the first two cards.

I'm sure that these two cards couldn't leave his house fast enough.  Maybe not the prettiest set in the world, but these two Donruss cards are welcome additions to the Jays collection.

Yes, 2014 Topps series 2 still has a want list on my blog.  It's down to 4 cards now thanks to this trio that found its way into the envelope.  Have to do something about this want list, and soon.

A lot of envelopes that have arrived lately have allowed me to mark certain Blue Jays team sets as COMPLETE.   The Damaso Garcia in the middle from the '82 Donruss set makes the want list that much smaller.  The '91 Classic card on the left of Ernesto Rodriguez is as obscure as you're going to get as far as my Blue Jays collection.  2 years in the Jays system, 91 & 92, never made it past A ball.   That's it. 

I think that there should be a law written in the blog world that if you mention the Night Owl at all in a post, mini cards must be included somewhere in the post.

The Rasmus is an A&G back from the '13 A&G set.  The Halladay on the right is the mini black parallel.

Now that I've mentioned the minis, I can get to the grand finale,  a '64 Topps high number...

A holy shit moment to start the weekend.  Card #543 in the set, and something that I've seen at shows a few times, but found the card to be overpriced each and every time.

Now I don't have to worry about the price, because he's mine!!!  The Uecker cards brings me down to 61 cards remaining to complete the '64T set. 

The answer to the note inside the envelope is "no, and I don't have to anymore".

Thank you for the envelope Greg, great as always and very much appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Amazed at the speed with which these cards arrived, and how quickly you posted them!