Sunday, March 1, 2015

Geez, I thought this would take me quite a while

When I ran the tournament last summer to see what set I was going to build, I had some parameters built in.  I figured the older sets would take me quite a while to complete, largely because of the price point of a lot of the star cards, as well as the commons being more expensive and eating into the budget a lot quicker. 

So far, I've been very fortunate with the '59 Topps build, as it has progressed a lot quicker than I ever imagined.  I received a surprise box in the mail last week from CommishBob, and inside was a "slab" of '59s that just blew me away.

Fantastic looking cards, I'm being spoiled rotten.

How can you not love a card of a guy that's named Rip!!

Every time I look at Harry Anderson, I think of the judge from Night Court.  

These 3 photos totaling 18 cards only account for half of what Bob sent me.  This lot brought me up to 199 cards already for the '59 set, which means I am already 1/3 of the way complete.

I am appreciating more and more the various color schemes for the borders.   The pink and black on cards like Carl Willey remind me (and other wrestling fans, no doubt) of the Hart Foundation during the 80's and 90's in the WWE.  I'm torn between the black/yellow and the yellow/red as to which is my favorite color combo.  Both look great and for me they make the card "pop" more than the other combinations.

At this pace, I may have this set done in about half the time I expected.   It's all due to bloggers such as Bob, who make the term blogger generosity very easy to use.  

Thank you for the cards Bob, they really are appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I like the black & yellow color combo.

  2. Hey Robert, when I blogged the set I became intruiged by the colors, too. I did some posts on the various combos and broke the set down by team/color/combos. They are here:

    1959 Topps Color Posts

    I'm happy to be able to contribute. I got a lot of help with my set so I try to share. These came from one dealer at the TriStar show. He had a huge 50s box of 50 cent cards. Sadly my back gave out before your needs-list did.

  3. The 1959 pink cards scream late 1950s more than anything. They're my favorite.

  4. Most of the Reds have that black background with either white or yellow letters. I love the 1959 Set, the Frank Robinson from that year might be one of my favorite Topps cards of all time.

  5. Great progress. The Commosh hooked you up

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